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The Toilet Brush: a tribute to William Addis

Explore the remarkable journey of the toilet brush from its invention in the 18th century by William Addis to its modern-day importance in our latest blog at This post pays homage to the toilet brush, revealing its evolution from Addis’s initial design using pig hair bristles and a wooden stem to the contemporary, more hygienic versions featuring ergonomic handles and antibacterial bristles. Learn how this commonplace item has transformed from a basic necessity to a sophisticated, design-conscious bathroom accessory. Discover the innovative, brush-free toilet brushes made from silicone or foam that represent the latest in bathroom hygiene technology. This blog offers a unique insight into how a simple idea has continually adapted to meet our evolving needs for cleanliness and design in the household, proving that even the most mundane items have a rich history of innovation and development.

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From Roman Bathhouse to the bathroom

Uncover the rich history of the towel rack, a vital but often overlooked component of our homes, in our latest blog at Journey from its ancient roots in Roman and Greek civilizations to its modern incarnations in our bathrooms. This blog explores how the towel rack has evolved from simple beams and hooks to sophisticated, multi-functional designs. Learn how the Industrial Revolution transformed it into a household staple, and how today’s towel racks combine practicality with style, offering a range of materials and designs to complement any bathroom decor. Discover the future of towel racks, from energy-efficient heated models to eco-friendly materials, showcasing not just utility but also a flair for design. The towel rack’s story is a reminder of how everyday objects shape our daily routines and reflect the changing tides of technology and taste.

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From invention to essential bathroom accessory

Explore the captivating evolution of the shower shelf, a staple in modern bathrooms, through our latest blog post. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a key component of bathroom organization and design, we delve into the history and ongoing transformation of the shower shelf. Learn about the journey from basic, utilitarian designs to the innovative, style-conscious models of today. Discover how the shower shelf has adapted to our needs, evolving from simple storage solutions to chic, functional bathroom accessories. Enhance your bathing experience with the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics.

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The origin of the shower caddy

Discover the untold story of the shower caddy in our latest blog at Dive into the origins of this indispensable bathroom accessory and its evolution from a simple storage solution to a sophisticated and style-enhancing feature. Learn about the innovative designs and materials that have transformed the humble shower rack into a pivotal component of modern bathroom design. Join us in exploring how this essential item has revolutionized our daily bathing routine, blending functionality with environmental consciousness. Don’t miss the fascinating journey of the shower caddy, a testament to ongoing innovation in bathroom aesthetics and efficiency.

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The inventor of the toilet roll holder


Within the category of common inventions, some softly and unobtrusively improve our lives. The toilet roll holder is one of the most important yet unassuming items in our daily hygiene routine. This blog explores how Seth Wheeler, the man who invented this indispensable gadget, changed the course of personal hygiene forever.

The toilet roll holder’s history

The history of the toilet roll holder starts with American inventor Seth Wheeler in the late 19th century. As a visionary in his own right, Wheeler created the now-ubiquitous toilet roll holder after realizing the potential of toilet paper as a hygiene requirement. His creation changed the usage of toilet paper; it was modest in concept but had a huge impact.

The toilet roll holder patent

Seth Wheeler formally filed for a patent in 1891 for his toilet roll holder design. In contrast to the less hygienic practices that were common before his time, Wheeler’s invention offered an easy and hygienic way to store and access toilet paper, in addition to just providing a way to dispense paper.

The Impact of the holder for toilet paper

Wheeler’s creation went beyond its original purpose to become a major global improvement in hygiene standards. Before the invention of the toilet roll holder, storing toilet paper was frequently unhygienic and dangerous for one’s health. In order to remedy this, Wheeler’s design made sure that toilet paper stayed dry, clean, and readily available.

Additional creations by Seth Wheeler

Seth Wheeler’s inventiveness extended beyond the toilet roll holder and produced various other discoveries relating to toilet paper, such as improvements in production and distribution. His efforts have a big impact on how we think about and utilize toilet paper in the modern world.

The Modern toilet roll holder

In the modern day, the toilet paper holder has developed into a crucial element of bathroom design all around the world. Its designs have evolved, combining practicality and visual appeal in everything from straightforward wall mounts to sophisticated freestanding versions.

Seth Wheeler’s development of the toilet roll holder is proof of the significant influence of seemingly insignificant inventions. It is now a need for comfort in the bathroom and modern hygiene. Wheeler’s legacy lives on in every bathroom that has a toilet paper holder—a testament to how even the smallest acts of ingenuity can have a profoundly positive impact on our daily lives. Despite its small size, the toilet roll holder represents a history of creativity and usefulness.

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The holder for the toilet roll: a fascinating journey through history

The holder for the toilet roll: A fascinating journey through history

Introducing our most recent blog piece on, where we explore the fascinating background of a commonplace necessity: the toilet roll holder. In the annals of commonplace inventions, this seemingly insignificant thing has a unique role, and its history is both fascinating and underappreciated.

We examine the history of the toilet roll holder in this blog, going all the way back to the late 1800s. Before it was invented, toilet paper was used and stored in a variety of ways, from loose sheets to wooden boxes. However, the invention of the toilet roll holder completely changed how we thought about this essential.

Traveling through the early 20th century, we see how the toilet roll holder changed over time. The initial patents show off an amazing range of designs, from simple wooden models to complex metal variants, and signal the start of its widespread use in bathrooms.

This idea has a big impact on hygiene, which is an important part of our lives. We go over how the toilet roll holder changed the way that toilet paper was stored from unclean to a more accessible and hygienic option.

The blog also highlights the most creative toilet roll holder designs in history. We observe the ways in which demands and preferences have influenced its history, from the introduction of a feathered roll to the development of isolated components.

The toilet roll holder has evolved from a mere functional object to a symbol of style and interior design in modern bathrooms. Luxurious marble and gold versions, as well as minimalist designs, are available.

Come along as we recount the amazing tale of the toilet roll holder’s transformation from a basic requirement to a beloved decorative element. It serves as both a reminder that even the simplest things in our everyday lives have fascinating history worth learning about and a monument to how our priorities and way of life have changed over time. In addition to serving as a useful tool, the toilet roll holder silently records the changing story of house decor and personal cleanliness.

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